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Delia Ruiz is an awarding winning author, Book reviewer, content creator


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Delia Ruiz is a first generation Latinx author from San Antonio, Texas. Her

published works include the forthcoming !123Baila! board book series and

the International Latino Book award-winning Roqui’s Pandero Beat. Delia

enjoys creating teacher materials under her teacher store Aventuras En ESL. Aventuras En ESL is also her social media platform used to showcase diverse

books, especially Latine/x book picks. She currently resides in Los

Angeles with her husband and pug. Delia hopes to inspire the next generation

of writers who also come from immigrant households. She is represented

by Sera Rivers at Speilburg Literary Agency.

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2023 Titles: !1,2,3 BAILA! Board Book Series

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1 2 3 Cumbia teaches common manners and consent through a dance class setting May I please dance with you Yes thank you for asking
1 2 3 Merengue explores merengue instruments and the fun sounds that they make The güira slides kish kish kish The accordion stretches wah wee wah
1 2 3 Salsa practices counting to 10 using salsa ONE invitation to a salsa dance TWO dancing shoes to make a pair
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Book: Roqui's PAndero Beat

About the Book:

Roqui’s Pandero Beat: Roqui is a coqui frog who lives on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. Roqui has a big dream of playing plena music on the pandero drum but he is afraid his small size will get in the way of becoming a musician.

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The Book Features:

  • The Afro-Puerto Rican musical genre of bomba y plena
  • Native musical instrument (pandero)
  • Moving to the U.S. mainland
  • Clapping out syllables
  • Roqui’s perseverance to achieve his goal

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Sharing Diverse Book Picks focusing on LAtine/x Books

Sharing diverse book picks, especially those on the Latine/x culture is something Delia is passionately about. Check out her book reviews on primarily picture books with a sprinkle of middle grade, young adult, and adult book picks.

Delia Ruiz is a book influencer with a variety of publishing companies including Harper Collins, Penguin imprints, Macmillan, Abrams, Simon Kids, Barefoot Books, Cardinal Press, Beaming Books, Candlewick Press, and many more.

Book Reviews on IG

Video Book Reviews

Want aventuras en esl to review your book
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Questions? Email: AventurasEnESL (at) Gmail (dot com)

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Let’s Get Your Book Started

A Hand HEld Approach to

Self Publishing

Topics Covered:

  • Manuscript layout
  • Finding an illustrator
  • Author website
  • Social media
  • Revisions

  • ISBN registration
  • How to do a copyright page
  • Crowdfunding
  • Marketing Tips
  • & so much more!!

Expect handouts, sample contracts to use, sites to find your illustrator, templates to use, direct emails/contacts for people to hire along the way, and much more!

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Traditional Publishing

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Sign Up HERE

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Overview of Topics Covered:

  • Month 1 - How to Find an Agent
    • Look at websites to research agents (how to)
    • Create an Excel sheet together to get ready to query
  • Month 2 - What is a Query Letter
    • Review parts of a query letter/format
    • Work on formula pitches to include with your query
  • Month 3 - Interpreting Feedback/Accepting an Offer
    • Example of rejections and how to interpret
    • Tracking your query
    • Questions for "The Call"

traditional Publishing Roadmap:

3 month Course

Expect handouts examples along the way
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Need to polish up a manuscript?

Need a fresh perspective?

Stuck on an intro, middle, ending?

I offer picture book manuscript

critiques for $45

Returning clients for $40

*Non rhyming manuscripts only

Edits made within 2.5 weeks

$5 additional fee if less that 2 weeks

Picture Book Critique

What's Included

With your picture book critique, you will receive feedback on:

  • Anchoring your theme
  • Story inconsistencies
  • Language choices
  • Pacing
  • Areas to cut/add on details
  • Suggestions for revisions

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Educator Guides

As a former teacher, Delia has experience and knowledge in creating lesson plans with standards and book topics in mind. She can differentiate lesson plans for all learners and/or compose material that works with the theme of your book.

Past clients include: Cielito Lindo Books, Eerdmans Publishing Company, and private clients.

Interested in working together? Email:

AventurasEnESL (at) Gmail (dot com)

View examples of activity sheets and educator guides here

Types of activities can include:

  • Lesson plan(s)
  • Reading response questions
  • Graphic organizers
  • Crossword puzzles+games
  • Center activities with instructions
  • Storytelling prompts
  • Differentiated plans for IEPS/ESL students
  • +Many more depending on your theme/book
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Book Lists Here:


  • 2023 Latinx Book Releases
  • Dr. Seuss Alternatives
  • Books En Español
  • Books on Immigration
  • Books from Tik Tok
    • & so much more!

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Using my links come at no cost to you and helps support my work.

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Email: AventurasEnESL (at) Gmail (dot com)

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